Overview exhibitions Rijksakademie residents


12 July - 10 September
The Craft, Gasworks, Londen, GB
monira Al Qadiri (solo)


24 June - 26 November
Suspended Animation, Les Abattoirs, Toulouse, FR
Kate Cooper

24 June  - 29 July
Captive Portals, Future Gallery, Berlin, DE
Femke Herregraven (solo)

18 June - 24 September
The Sweetness of doing nothing, Kranenburgh, Bergen
Inge Meijer

16 June - 29 October
Birth as Criterion, Biennial of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana, SI
Josse Pyl, Nora Turato

16 June - 1 July
Parks and Re-Creation, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam
Inge Meijer (solo)

4 June - 16 July
Cure Park: Art of Care, Amsterdamse Bos, Amstelveen
Floris Schönfeld

2 June -
The hands of a barber, they give in, Balice Hertling, Paris, FR
Xinyi Cheng (solo)

2 June -
Pissed Walking, LambdaLambdaLambda, Pristina, Kosovo
Nora Turato (solo)

31 May - 27 August
From Concrete to Liquid to Spoken Worlds to the Word, Centre d'Art Contemporain Genève, Genève,  CH
Danielle Dean, Ceel Mogami de Haas, Becket Mingwen, Nora Turato

28 May - 27 August
Planet 9, Kunsthalle Darmstadt, Darmstadt, DE
Basir Mahmood

20 May - 29 October
Outplacement / Beelden 2017, Landgoed Anningahof, Zwolle
Jonathan van Doornum

19 May - 8 July
In Friction with Fiction, Conrads, Düsseldorf, DE
Joscha Steffens

12 May - 2 July
On Alchemy and Magic, Vlaams Cultuurhuis de Brakke Grond, Amsterdam
Femke Herregraven

11 May - 26 November
Glasstress 2017, Palazzo Franchetti, Venetië, IT
Monira Al Qadiri

19 April - 24 June
Notes on our calibrium, CAB, Brussel, BE
Isabelle Andriessen

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