publication date 2-11-2016

Artissima 2016

Artissima, Turin (IT)
4-6 November 2016


Residents and alumni

Mounira Al Solh - Sfeir Semler (Hamburg, DE)
Giorgio Andreotta Calò - Sprovieri (London, GB)
Mehraneh Atashi - Gabriel Rolt (Amsterdam, NL)
Attila Csörgö - Gregor Podnar (Berlin, DE)
Pauline Curnier Jardin - Ellen de Bruijne (Amsterdam, NL)
Dina Danish - Barbara Seiler (Zürich,CH)
Em'kal Eyongakpa - APalazzo (Brescia, IT)
Anna Franceschini - Vera Cortês (Lisboa, PT), Vistamare (Pescara, IT)
Dora García - Ellen de Bruijne (Amsterdam, NL)
Francesca Grilli - Di Marino (Napoli, IT)
Rubén Grilo - Future (Berlin, DE)
Folkert de Jong - Brand New Gallery (Milano, IT)
Guillaume Leblon - Jocelyn Wolff (Paris, FR)
Kate Levant - moniquemeloche (Chicago, US)
Pere Llobera - F2 (Madrid, ES)
David Maljkovic - Georg Kargl (Wien, AT), Massimo Minini (Brescia, IT)
Nathaniel Mellors - Monitor (Roma, IT)
Vitshois Mwilambwe Bondo - Primo Marello (Milano, IT)
Hans Op de Beeck - Continua (San Gimignano, IT)
Agnieszka Polska - Zak|Branicka (Berlin, DE)
Janis Rafa - Martin van Zomeren (Amsterdam, NL)
Mathilde Rosier - Raffaele Cortese (milano, IT)
Bojan Sarcevic - Pinksummer (Genova, IT)
Dierk Schmidt - Kow (Berlin, DE)
Georgina Starr - Pinksummer (Genova, IT)
Marianne Vierø - Ellen de Bruijne (Amsterdam, NL)
Katarina Zdjelar - SpazioA (Pistoia, IT)

publication date 21-10-2016

Rijksakademie receives Dutch AICA Award 2016

We are honored and grateful to have received the Dutch AICA Award 2016 from AICA Nederland today. The ceremony was followed by a festive celebration at the Rijksakademie this evening!

publication date 20-10-2016

Institut Ramon Llull hosts seminar on Rijksakademie residency programme

The Institut Ramon Llull in Barcelona hosted a seminar to present the Rijksakademie residency programme in association with the Han Nefkens Foundation. 


The Institut Ramon Llull is hosting a seminar to present the Rijksakademie artists in residence programme in association with the Han Nefkens Foundation.

The Rijksakademie, which has one of the world’s leading artists in residence programmes, is putting on two training sessions on 19 and 20 October at Palau del Baró de Quadras, IRL headquarters. 

The seminar, aimed at visual artists, will serve to present the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten, a two-year residence programme that welcomes about 50 international artists every year. The Rijksakademie selects artists with outstanding talent from all over the world and provides top quality technical and theoretical facilities, offering them an opportunity to speed up their professional careers and join an international art professionals network.

Venue: Institut Ramon Llull, Diagonal 373, 08008. Barcelona.

Language: English


-Wednesday 19 October, 17.00 to 19.00: presentation of the Rijksakademie residence programme and the aids from the Han Nefkens Foundation and the IRL

- Thursday 20 October, 16.00 to 19.00: candidature submission workshop


publication date 10-10-2016

Sam Samiee wins Royal Award for Modern Painting 2016

Last weekend alumnus Sam Samiee (RA 14/15) was awarded the Royal Award for Modern Painting 2016.

The prestigious prize was presented by King Willem-Alexander. Besides Sam Samiee, Bart Kok, Mike Pratt and Tanja Ritterbex received the award. The four artists received each 6.500 euro and will exhibit together with other nominees at the Royal Palace Amsterdam.

Amongst the other nominated artists were Rijksakademie residents Gertenbach (NL, '90) and Thierry Oussou (BJ, '88) and alumnus Jakup Ferri (RA 07/08). 
More information here.

publication date 22-9-2016

AICA Netherlands certificate 2016 awarded to Rijksakademie

AICA Nederland (International Association of Art Critics) has awarded the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten the AICA Certificate 2016.

"I am pleased and proud that we have been awarded the AICA Certificate 2016. This acknowledgement of the Rijksakademie’s impact on the international art world and great compliment for the Rijksakademie from the professional field is fantastic. It reinforces our ambition to maintain our focus on content renewal and to continue to take professional artistic practice as our starting point", said Els van Odijk, director of the Rijksakademie in her response.

According to the judging panel's report, "The combination of intellectual and technical professionalism, the modern-day stance and mix of participants are what make the Rijksakademie such a distinctive institute at the top of its game and a key player in the international world of art. It not only offers participants time and access to intellectual expertise, but also space, money and well-equipped workshops staffed by highly-qualified technicians. The fact that the Rijksakademie is often of decisive importance in the development of artistic talent and makes a substantial contribution to enabling an international breakthrough is unquestionable. There are large numbers of artists who, after their time at the Rijksakademie, go on to make a name for themselves and enjoy a long-lasting and successful career in the challenging profession of artist. A significant number of the world’s most important artists have had residencies at the Rijksakademie." The judging panel also felt that it was remarkable that the institution has offered consistently high quality for so many years despite the ongoing concern about cutbacks.

The full report by the judging panel is available in Dutch on the AICA website.

Presentation ceremony
The AICA Certificate 2016 will be presented on 21 October in the Rijksakademie.

2016 Judging Panel
The judging panel for the AICA Certificate 2016 is made up of AICA members Mirthe Berentsen, critic and consultant, Stefan Kuiper, Ancient Art reviewer for the Volkskrant newspaper and Marina de Vries, editor-in-chief of Museumtijdschrift magazine.

About the AICA Certificate
The AICA Certificate is awarded annually in turn to a Dutch publication, an exhibition or an institution. In 2016, the category receiving the certificate is ‘institutions’. Votes were cast by the 180-strong membership of AICA Nederland, who include art critics, lecturers at art academies and universities, museum conservators and independent exhibition curators.

publication date 7-7-2016

Rijksakademie announces artists Residency 2017

Today the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam announces which 20 artists were selected from the more than 1,400 entries for the coveted residencies in 2017.
The Rijksakademie contributes to the development and renewal of the artistic practice by carefully selecting talented and ambitious artists for a work period. This two-year program offers artists theoretical, technical and artistic facilities. Research into, experimentation with, and development of the work are central aspects in the programme. The new group, consisting of 10 Dutch and 10 foreign artists, joins the 25 artists who started their residency in 2016.

The selection committee consists of internationally renowned artists and professionals who are attached to the Rijksakademie and act as advisors. The advisors guide and coach the artists during their residency through studio visits and theoretical guidance.

The artists of the 2017 residency year:

Tyna Adebowale (NG)
Isabelle Andriessen (NL)
Esteban Cabeza de Baca (US)
CHE Onejoon (KR)
Gaëlle Choisne (FR)
Anna Dasovic (NL)
Danielle Dean (GB/US)
Maurice van Es (NL)
Ana Maria Gómez López (CO/US/DE)
Ceel Mogami de Haas (NL/CH)
Femke Herregraven (NL)
Polina Kanis (RU)
Arvo Leo (CA)
Jenny Lindblom (SE/NL)
Laura O’Neill (GB)
Josse Pyl (BE/NL)
Nora Turato (HR/NL)
Kubilay Mert Ural (TR)
Riet Wijnen (NL)
Marieke Zwart (NL)

The artists of 2017 were announced during the annual Vriendenkring Summer Lunch. The Rijksakademie Vriendenkring (Circle of Friends) is composed of individuals, funds and companies who make substantial contributions to the Rijksakademie. They are actively involved in the institute and the artists who work there.

The Rijksakademie is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Mondriaan Fund, the City of Amsterdam and through the Trust Fund Rijksakademie.

publication date 31-5-2016

Raad voor Cultuur (Culture Council)

The Raad voor Cultuur (Culture Council), in its advice for the upcoming arts plan period, has again brought the government subsidy for the Rijksakademie entirely within the framework of the basic infrastructure. The policy has been positively received and the Council recognizes the significance and quality of the Rijksakademie both nationally and internationally, as well as its great value for the development of artistic talent.

There are, however, two areas of focus. The Council feels that the Rijksakademie relies heavily on its tradition and reputation. In this context, the Council has expressed its fear that innovation and profiling might receive insufficient attention. The Rijksakademie, however, holds the view that it is precisely "the rich history and great reputation, proven quality and impact on artists and artistry" that provide the opportunity to work on both innovation and our position as an institution. This is partly reflected in the developments and innovations in the technical infrastructure as well as the new cooperation projects with (inter) national partners. Because of our focus on the individual guidance of the artist, the objective and operation of the institute might not always be clear. All the more reason to communicate better about it.

The second issue concerns the call for further cooperation with De Ateliers. After having worked on this initiative in the last cultural plan period in a constructive and committed manner, the Rijksakademie will re-assess what the possibilities are with De Ateliers.
We are in contact with both the Council and the Ministry on both issues, in part because the Council might see these as reasons to grant the Rijksakademie less subsidy than in the past four years.

publication date 31-3-2016

10 years cooperation between Rijksakademie and Korea: exhibition

Tomorrow, the exhibition Emerging Other opens at the Arko Art Center in Seoul on the occasion of 10 years of cooperation between the Rijksakademie and the Arts Council Korea (Arko). Arko supports the residency of Korean artists with a Fellowship. Since 2015, thirteen residents have received an Arko Fellowship.
Aside from new work by Arko Fellows, the exhibition also presents works that were realised during their residency in Amsterdam and that were never before on view in Korea. The presentation focuses on the impact of a stay at the Rijksakademie and the personal experiences of the artists. Part of the exhibition is set up as an archive with interviews and reports on the Korean residents. It provides tools to follow and share the artists’ experiences and the development of their work.
Emerging Other can be visited from April 1 – June 19, 2016 in the Arko Art Center of the Arts Council Korea, Seoul, South Korea.
The following alumni of Rijksakademie present works in the exhibition and/or are presented in the accompanying publication: Sung Hwan Kim, Kwang-Ju Son, Go Eun Im, Min Oh, Shiu Jin, Goeun Bae, Jisan Ahn and Sanghee Song.
Other alumni have also been supported by the Arts Council Korea, namely Jewyo Rhii, Yang Ah Ham, Jisun Kim and Young Eun Kim. Noah Ryu is the 2016 artist-in-residence with an Arko Fellowship.

publication date 16-3-2016

Launch Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship for African artist at the Rijksakademie

Yesterday Han Nefkens, writer, collector and patron, launched the Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship Fund. The Fellowship supports the residency of an African artist at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. The fund is a tribute to Jacqueline van Tongeren who, along with her life partner Joep Lange, lost her life in the MH17 disaster. The Joep Lange Institute has been established in memory of his extraordinary work in the field of HIV and AIDS; its opening coincides with the launch of the fund.

The first Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship is awarded to the Benin artist Thierry Oussou (1988). Oussou was selected for a residency at the Rijksakademie out of over 1,300 entries. Oussou uses his artistry to express the rich history of his country Benin, and zooms in on the complexity of social structures that exist between the community and the individual. His work tells stories that refer to the local history of Benin, but also touch upon international and universal trends. An artist that connects with the life and passion of Jacqueline van Tongeren.

Jacqueline van Tongeren was the Director of Communications and Liaison Officer of Professor Joep Lange at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD). Last year, she was particularly involved in the annual INTEREST Workshop, an African scientific conference for the most talented researchers. Her passion lay in connecting people and sharing knowledge in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Jacqueline had a great passion for art; she collected art and dreamed of opening a gallery, just as she had done earlier in the 70s and 80s in Amsterdam. With the Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship Fund, her passion continues and promising African artists are given welcome support in their professional development.

Han Nefkens:
'In the avalanche of deserved accolades for Joep Lange in the media, Jacqueline remains underexposed. And that is a shame, because she was a very special person as well. Jacqueline was a beautiful, sensitive woman whose life consisted of giving. She could also truly enjoy beautiful moments. Great food, ballet, art or a beautiful presentation. The Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship for artists from Africa brings together her passion for the continent and for culture and keeps the memory alive of a very warm and generous human being.’

Els van Odijk, director of the Rijksakademie:
‘The Rijksakademie is pleased and honoured with the establishment of the Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship Fund. This Fellowship contributes to the professional career of an African artist. The development of work, the strengthening of position, respect and recognition within an international community of professionals are elements that give the artist tools to develop their own position and play a role in the local field. It is very special to give meaning to the memory of Jacqueline van Tongeren in this way.’

publication date 18-11-2015

Aqui Africa: Contemporary Africa through the Eyes of its Artists

Resident Thierry Oussou (BJ, 1988) will show the video Unite (2015) during Aqui Africa: Contemporary Africa through the Eyes of its Artists. The video resulted out of a collaborative project that also included residents Mercedes Azpilicueta (AR, 1988) and Koen Doodeman (NL, 1987).

The exhibition, curated by Adelina von Fürstenberg, is concerned with concepts inherent to African history and culture and brings together contemporary artists from the international artistic scene.

Aqui Africa will open on November 19 and runs until March 20 at SESC Belezhino in São Paulo.
Click for more information.

19 November - 28 February

publication date 2-7-2015

Selection artists Rijksakademie Residency 2016 announced

The following artists are invited to the Rijksakademie Residency 2016:

Monira Al Qadiri (KW)
Leonardiansyah Allenda (ID)
Inez de Brauw (NL)
Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen (NL)
Xinyi Cheng (CN/US)
Kate Cooper (GB)
Jonathan van Doornum (NL)
Deniz Eroglu (DK/TR)
Becket Flannery (US)
Takeshi Ikeda (JP)
Frederique Jonker (NL)
Sam Keogh (IE/GB)
Mauricio Limón de León (MX/ES)
Basir Mahmood (PK)
Claudia Martínez (PE)
Inge Meijer (NL)
Funda Gül Özcan (DE)
Evelina Rajca (DE/NL)
Floris Schönfeld (NL/US)
Joscha Steffens (DE)
Iqra Tanveer (PK/NL)
Adam Ulbert (HU/NL)
Rutger de Vries (NL)
Tchelet Weisstub (IL/NL)

The artists were selected from over 1,300 applicants by an independent jury of international experts. From the selected artists, 12 come from the Netherlands and 13 from abroad. 2 July the selection was announced to friends and partners of the Rijksakademie during the annual Circle of Friends’ Summer Luncheon.
De Rijksakademie is financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam City Council and by the Trust Fund Rijksakademie.