publication date 23-5-2016

Amsterdam Art Fair 2016

Amsterdam Art Fair 2016
25-29 mei 2016       
Residents and alumni         
Juliaan Andeweg - Martin van Zomeren (Amsterdam, NL)
Gijs Assmann - Nouvelles Images (Den Haag, NL)
Maria Barnas - Annet Gelink (Amsterdam, NL)
Tjebbe Beekman - Stigter Van Doesburg (Amsterdam, NL)
Sema Bekirovic - Stigter Van Doesburg (Amsterdam, NL)
Paul Beumer - Dürst Britt & Mayhew (Den Haag, NL)
Melanie Bonajo - Akinci (Amsterdam, NL)
Yvonne Dröge Wendel - Johan Deumens (Haarlem, NL)
Constant Dullaart - Upstream (Amsterdam, NL)
Charlotte Dumas - andriesse eyck (Amsterdam, NL)
Jakup Ferri - andriesse eyck (Amsterdam, NL)
Marije Gertenbach - Rento Brattinga (Amsterdam, NL) - debutants
Henri Jacobs - Maurits van de Laar (Den Haag, NL)
Katrin Korfmann - art affairs (Amsterdam. NL)
Kiki Lamers - Annet Gelink (Amsterdam, NL)
Cristina Lucas - tegenboschvanvreden (Amsterdam, NL)
Jean-Baptiste Maître - Martin van Zomeren (Amsterdam, NL)
Tine Melzer - Johan Deumens (Haarlem, NL)
Serge Onnen - TART (Zürich, CH)
Thierry Oussou - Ornis A. Gallery (Amsterdam, NL) - debutants
Otobong Nkanga - Lumen Travo (Amsterdam, NL)
Thomas Raat - Juliette Jongma (Amsterdam, NL)
Sarah van Sonsbeeck - Annet Gelink (Amsterdam, NL)
Sylvie Zijlmans - andriesse eyck (Amsterdam, NL)
Amsterdam Art Rooms, Johannes Vermeerstraat 29
Olga Balema - Fons Welters (Amsterdam, NL)
André Pielage - Galerie Wit (Wageningen, NL)
Fernando Sánchez Castillo - tegenboschvanvreden (Amsterdam, NL)
Christiaan Zwanikken - Ron Mandos, Amsterdam, NL)

publication date 12-5-2016

Re:Creating Europe - Forum on European Culture

Rijksakademie participates in "Re:Creating Europe" Forum on European Culture

On 1, 2, and 3 June 2016 artists and thinkers from all over Europe will come together at "Re:Creating Europe" Forum on European Culture to discuss the strength, impact and value of art and culture for Europe. Performances, talks and debates, exhibitions and film screenings will be taking place all over Amsterdam. The forum is an initiative of political and cultural debate centre De Balie and centre for international cooperation DutchCulture. The Rijksakademie is partner in the organization of two events on Thursday, June 2nd.
Re:Creating Europe. But how? – expert meeting
2 June, 10.00-13.00, at the Rijksakademie

'Europe needs creators,' claims theater maker Lucas De Man. Who and what is the creator exactly? What is his role in the (re)structuring of European society? How do creators inspire each other? What are they struggling with? Rijksakademie artists will try to answer these questions in discussion with other creators form all over Europe.
Please note that this session is closed to the general public. Interested in participating? Send a short motivation to
Europe through the eyes of its neighbors
2 June, 15.00-17.00, at the Rijksakademie

When are you Europe’s 'neighbour', and when are you European? What does Europe look like through the eyes of artists who have crossed its borders? Old and new neighbours will discuss the borders of European identity.
Contributors are Vasyl Cherepanyn (curator Kyiv Biennale, Ukraine), Kareem Lotfy (Rijksakademie resident 2015-2016, Egypt/The Netherlands), Sam Samiee (Rijksakademie alumnus 2014-2015, Iran/The Netherlands) and Dušan Rodić (Rijksakademie alumnus 2012-2013, Serbia). 
The complete program and tickets are available online at

publication date 31-3-2016

10 years cooperation between Rijksakademie and Korea: exhibition

Tomorrow, the exhibition Emerging Other opens at the Arko Art Center in Seoul on the occasion of 10 years of cooperation between the Rijksakademie and the Arts Council Korea (Arko). Arko supports the residency of Korean artists with a Fellowship. Since 2015, thirteen residents have received an Arko Fellowship.
Aside from new work by Arko Fellows, the exhibition also presents works that were realised during their residency in Amsterdam and that were never before on view in Korea. The presentation focuses on the impact of a stay at the Rijksakademie and the personal experiences of the artists. Part of the exhibition is set up as an archive with interviews and reports on the Korean residents. It provides tools to follow and share the artists’ experiences and the development of their work.
Emerging Other can be visited from April 1 – June 19, 2016 in the Arko Art Center of the Arts Council Korea, Seoul, South Korea.
The following alumni of Rijksakademie present works in the exhibition and/or are presented in the accompanying publication: Sung Hwan Kim, Kwang-Ju Son, Go Eun Im, Min Oh, Shiu Jin, Goeun Bae, Jisan Ahn and Sanghee Song.
Other alumni have also been supported by the Arts Council Korea, namely Jewyo Rhii, Yang Ah Ham, Jisun Kim and Young Eun Kim. Noah Ryu is the 2016 artist-in-residence with an Arko Fellowship.

publication date 16-3-2016

Launch Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship for African artist at the Rijksakademie

Yesterday Han Nefkens, writer, collector and patron, launched the Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship Fund. The Fellowship supports the residency of an African artist at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. The fund is a tribute to Jacqueline van Tongeren who, along with her life partner Joep Lange, lost her life in the MH17 disaster. The Joep Lange Institute has been established in memory of his extraordinary work in the field of HIV and AIDS; its opening coincides with the launch of the fund.

The first Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship is awarded to the Benin artist Thierry Oussou (1988). Oussou was selected for a residency at the Rijksakademie out of over 1,300 entries. Oussou uses his artistry to express the rich history of his country Benin, and zooms in on the complexity of social structures that exist between the community and the individual. His work tells stories that refer to the local history of Benin, but also touch upon international and universal trends. An artist that connects with the life and passion of Jacqueline van Tongeren.

Jacqueline van Tongeren was the Director of Communications and Liaison Officer of Professor Joep Lange at the Amsterdam Institute for Global Health and Development (AIGHD). Last year, she was particularly involved in the annual INTEREST Workshop, an African scientific conference for the most talented researchers. Her passion lay in connecting people and sharing knowledge in the fight against HIV/AIDS. Jacqueline had a great passion for art; she collected art and dreamed of opening a gallery, just as she had done earlier in the 70s and 80s in Amsterdam. With the Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship Fund, her passion continues and promising African artists are given welcome support in their professional development.

Han Nefkens:
'In the avalanche of deserved accolades for Joep Lange in the media, Jacqueline remains underexposed. And that is a shame, because she was a very special person as well. Jacqueline was a beautiful, sensitive woman whose life consisted of giving. She could also truly enjoy beautiful moments. Great food, ballet, art or a beautiful presentation. The Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship for artists from Africa brings together her passion for the continent and for culture and keeps the memory alive of a very warm and generous human being.’

Els van Odijk, director of the Rijksakademie:
‘The Rijksakademie is pleased and honoured with the establishment of the Jacqueline van Tongeren Fellowship Fund. This Fellowship contributes to the professional career of an African artist. The development of work, the strengthening of position, respect and recognition within an international community of professionals are elements that give the artist tools to develop their own position and play a role in the local field. It is very special to give meaning to the memory of Jacqueline van Tongeren in this way.’

publication date 18-11-2015

Aqui Africa: Contemporary Africa through the Eyes of its Artists

Resident Thierry Oussou (BJ, 1988) will show the video Unite (2015) during Aqui Africa: Contemporary Africa through the Eyes of its Artists. The video resulted out of a collaborative project that also included residents Mercedes Azpilicueta (AR, 1988) and Koen Doodeman (NL, 1987).

The exhibition, curated by Adelina von Fürstenberg, is concerned with concepts inherent to African history and culture and brings together contemporary artists from the international artistic scene.

Aqui Africa will open on November 19 and runs until March 20 at SESC Belezhino in São Paulo.
Click for more information.

19 November - 28 February

publication date 2-7-2015

Selection artists Rijksakademie Residency 2016 announced

The following artists are invited to the Rijksakademie Residency 2016:

Monira Al Qadiri (KW)
Leonardiansyah Allenda (ID)
Inez de Brauw (NL)
Sander Breure & Witte van Hulzen (NL)
Xinyi Cheng (CN/US)
Kate Cooper (GB)
Jonathan van Doornum (NL)
Deniz Eroglu (DK/TR)
Becket Flannery (US)
Takeshi Ikeda (JP)
Frederique Jonker (NL)
Sam Keogh (IE/GB)
Mauricio Limón de León (MX/ES)
Basir Mahmood (PK)
Claudia Martínez (PE)
Inge Meijer (NL)
Funda Gül Özcan (DE)
Evelina Rajca (DE/NL)
Floris Schönfeld (NL/US)
Joscha Steffens (DE)
Iqra Tanveer (PK/NL)
Adam Ulbert (HU/NL)
Rutger de Vries (NL)
Tchelet Weisstub (IL/NL)

The artists were selected from over 1,300 applicants by an independent jury of international experts. From the selected artists, 12 come from the Netherlands and 13 from abroad. 2 July the selection was announced to friends and partners of the Rijksakademie during the annual Circle of Friends’ Summer Luncheon.
De Rijksakademie is financed by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sciences, the Mondriaan Fund, Amsterdam City Council and by the Trust Fund Rijksakademie.