publication date 2-12-2017

Book launch: 'Illusions of the Frisian Landscape' by Eric Giraudet de Boudemange

publication date 6-7-2017

Rijksakademie announces artists Residency 2018

Today the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam announces which 25 artists were selected from 1445 entries for the rijksakademie Reseidency 2018.

The Rijksakademie contributes to the development and renewal of the artistic practice by carefully selecting talented and ambitious artists for a work period. This two-year program offers artists theoretical, technical and artistic facilities. Research into, experimentation with, and development of the work are central aspects in the programme. The new group joins the 21 artists who started their residency in 2017.

The selection committee consists of internationally renowned artists and professionals who are attached to the Rijksakademie and act as advisors. The advisors guide and coach the artists during their residency through studio visits and theoretical guidance.

The artists of the 2018 residency year:

Immaculate Mali Anderu (1990, UG)
Kévin Bray (1989, FR/NL)
Omar A. Chowdhury (1984, BD/AU)
Morgan Courtois (1988, FR)
Jude Crilly (1982, UK/CA/NL)
Aslan Gaisumov (1991, RU)
Elleke Hageman (1987, NL)
Omar Imam (1979, SY/NL)
Florence Jung (1986, FR/CH)
Maria Kley (1981, JP/DE/NL)
Mire Lee (1988, KR)
Christopher Mahon (1988, IE)
Astrid Nobel (1983, NL)
Yashaswini Raghunandan (1984, IN)
Bert Scholten (1988, NL)
Zamir Suleymanov (1987, AZ)
Remco Torenbosch (1982, NL)
Omar Vega Macotela (1988, MX)
Arian de Vette (1989, NL)
Marit Westerhuis (1992, NL)
Marina Xenofontos (1988, CY)
Shen Xin (1990, CN/UK)
XPRNC - Sujin Bae (1984, KR) & Jonathan Lemke (1987, DE)
Dan Zhu (1985, CN/DE)

The artists of 2018 were announced during the annual Friends Summer Lunch. The Rijksakademie Circle of Friends is composed of individuals, funds and companies who make substantial contributions to the Rijksakademie. They are actively involved in the institute and the artists who work there.

The Rijksakademie is funded by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the City of Amsterdam and through the Trust Fund Rijksakademie.
Friends Summer Lunch. Photo Tomek Dersu Aaron Friends Summer Lunch. Photo Tomek Dersu Aaron Friends Summer Lunch. Photo Tomek Dersu Aaron Friends Summer Lunch. Photo Tomek Dersu Aaron

publication date 21-4-2017

La Biennale di Venezia


13 May — 26 November 2017

- Central exhibition -


Attila Csörgo (Budapest (HU) 1965, Rijksakademie 1993) - video
Pauline Curnier Jardin (Pertuis (FR) 1980, Rijksakademie 2015-2016) - video
Sebastián Díaz Morales (Comodoro Rivadavia (AR) 1975, Rijksakademie 2000-2001) - video
Sung Hwan Kim (Seoul (KR) 1975, Rijksakademie 2004-2005) - video
Agnieszka Polska (Lublin (PL) 1985, Rijksakademie 2014-2015) - video

- National pavilions -

Claudia Fontes (Buenos Aires (AR) 1964, Rijksakademie 1996-1997)
The horse problem

Katja Novitskova (Tallinn (EE) 1984, Rijksakademie 2013-2014)
If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eyes

Nathaniel Mellors (Doncaster (GB) 1974, Rijksakademie 2007-2008) and Erkka Nissinen
(Kerava (FI) 1975, Rijksakademie 2007-2008)
The Aalto Natives

Giorgio Andreotta Calò (Venice (IT) 1979, Rijksakademie 2009-2010)
Il mondo magico

Jimmy Ogonga (curator, Nairobi (KE) 1997, Rijksakademie 2010), Peterson Kamwathi (Nairobi (KE) 1980, Rijksakademie 2010)
Another Country

Carlos Amorales (Mexico City (MX) 1970, Rijksakademie 1996-1997)
The life in the folds

Mounir Fatmi (Tanger (MA) 1970, Rijksakademie 2006-2007)
The Absence of Paths

Cevdet Erek (Istanbul (TR) 1975, Rijksakademie 2005-2006)

Admire Kamudzengerere (Harare (ZW), 1981, Rijksakademie 2012-2013)
Deconstructing Boundaries: Exploring Ideas of Belonging

NSK State Pavilion
Ahmet Öğüt (Silvan, Diyarbakir (TR), 1981, Rijksakademie 2007-2008) - installation design 
Delegates: Mercedes Azpilicueta, Mounir Fatmi, Becket Flannery, Anawana Haloba, Ahmet Öğüt

Collateral Events -

Future Generation Art Prize @ Venice 2017
Kemang Wa Lehulere (Cape Town (ZA), 1984, Rijksakademie 2013-2014)
­Man as Bird. Images of Journeys
David Claerbout (Kortrijk (BE) 1969, Rijksakademie 1996)
Glasstress 2017
Monira al Qadiri (Dakar (SN) 1983, Rijksakademie 2016-2017)

* solo presentations

This list is based on the available information on May 10, 2017 and subject to change.

Katja Novitskova, "If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eyes" Katja Novitskova, "If Only You Could See What I've Seen with Your Eyes" Nathaniel Mellors en Erkka Nissinen, "The Aalto Natives" Nathaniel Mellors en Erkka Nissinen, "The Aalto Natives" Carlos Amorales, "The life in the folds" Carlos Amorales, "The life in the folds" Claudia Fontes, "The horse problem" Claudia Fontes, "The horse problem"