Each year some twenty-five artists end their residency and leave the Rijksakademie with many new friendships and professional relationships. More than 900 former residents are part of the global art circuit and form a network that has a vast range among artists, critics, curators, trusts and authorities all over the world.
The Rijksakademie attaches a great deal of importance to continuing the dialogue that was started during residency. Thus former residents are invited to talk about their professional practice during Xra talks and seminars at the Rijksakademie.

Famous Dutch artists like Jan Toorop, Berlage, G.H. Breitner, Piet Mondriaan, Constant and Karel Appel worked at the Rijksakademie. More recently: Olga Chernysheva, Armen Eloyan, Alicia Framis, Meschac Gaba, Runa Islam, Gabriel Lester, David Maljkovic, Shahryar Nashat, Liza May Post, Bojan Sarcevic, Fiona Tan, Marijke van Warmerdam and many others.

Alphabetical list of Alumni
Name Date of birth Nat. Work period on RABK
Yang, Jian 1982 CN 1-1-09 till 31-12-10
Yang, Shu 1965 CN 1-1-95 till 31-12-95
Yerna, Nico 1965 NL 1-1-98 till 31-12-99
Yuen, Nina 1981 US 1-1-08 till 31-12-09
Yuming, Mu 2 1971 CN 1-1-05 till 31-12-06