Sound and image
There are various facilities in the field of photography, 16-mm film, video and audio, including a daylight and artificial light studio for video and photography, darkrooms, video-editing rooms, a sound studio and digital scanners and printers. There is an extensive lending service for resident artists where equipment such as beamers, video cameras, photo cameras and microphones are available.
Electronics hardware and software for interactive installations and electro-mechanical objects are made in the electronics/technical interface development workshop. In addition, computer programmes can be written in the Max/Msp language.

The photography department resides in the Media Ship, which also hosts the video, audio and electronics departments. The emergence of digital photography has caused a major change, a development that technical supervisor Roy Taylor followed closely. Read more

Over the past few decades, the use of video went through many developments. It was easier to edit. your own digital videos. Ten years ago, many artists were going to work with video. Now there is a movement towards more depth, more professional and more complex work. Read more

For most artists sound is part of a larger multimedia installation or video work. Residents can make professional audio recordings in the sound studio. Read more

In electronics workshop, it is possible to develop (interactive) installations such as sensors, audio, video, motors, lamps etc. Also computer programs can be developed. Read more

Graphics is nowadays fully integrated with the other workshops in the Rijksakademie, and there’s a lot of collaboration. Traditional techniques go hand in hand with research for new methods. Read more
Paulien Oltheten (RA 04/05), mediaship Paulien Oltheten (RA 04/05), mediaship Miklos Gaál (RA 08/09), Artist's lightstudio Miklos Gaál (RA 08/09), Artist's lightstudio Edward Clydesdale Thomson (RA 11/12), graphic workshop Edward Clydesdale Thomson (RA 11/12), graphic workshop