Mauricio Limón de León
Born Mexico City (MX), 1979
Nationality MX/ES
Mauricio Limón de León () Mauricio Limón de León ()

Through personal encounters with people from his former hometown Mexico City, Mauricio Limón de Léon made films, drawings, paintings and performances in which he revealed the complexity of his characters’ inner world. As actors they challenged forms of masculine representation. These circumstances function as vehicles for Limón’s own questions.

Following on from this work Limón currently focuses on male judgement, patriarchal structures and physical acts that confirm power and its extension over the body. For Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback he is interviewing men of high social-economic status who talk about their vulnerability, their position in society and the routines used to express and confirm their standing. This contains a subconscious layer of violence and sexuality – as, strikingly enough, also was the case with the impaired people of his earlier works.

Limón explores this theme via an audio narrative about power and anxiety in which he challenges heterosexual normative ways of thinking, talking and acting. In addition to this he uses different mediums, such as painting, drawing, dance, murals, films and masks, as ways to contemplate about his creative process. (VV)