Xinyi Cheng
Born Wuhan (CN), 1989
Nationality CN
'Baby’s-breath', 2016, oil on linen, 40x50 cm 'Baby’s-breath', 2016, oil on linen, 40x50 cm

Punchlines, with the preceding narratives cut off. That’s the subject of Xinyi Cheng’s paintings. Or even more dressed down: the emotional state evoked by a story’s conclusion.

Nude, white, hairy men are a recurring motif. Cheng paints her beautiful friends. The smallest details of their bodies become subtle but significant symbols. She seeks very specific color palettes to introduce light and shade, to define time and space, to create pleasure and friction. It increases the sense of mystery and strengthens the impression that the scenes defy rational definition.

Cheng lures viewers into carefully constructed spaces. Her work is always imbued with layered narratives, capturing specific, intimate moments of life. Using simple composition she evokes profound reflection on memories. (ED)