Ana María Gómez López
Born Minneapolis (US), 1981
Nationality CO
'On Taphonomy/Punctum', 2017, excerpts of work in progress 'On Taphonomy/Punctum', 2017, excerpts of work in progress

Ana María Gómez López uses archival source material and laboratory equipment to question current definitions of the limits of life. Drawing from her prior career as a forensic anthropologist, her latest work examines the origin of the field of taphonomy - what happens to organisms after death, from decay through to fossilization. This recent discipline was pioneered in part by Johannes Weigelt, a German paleontologist who was affiliated with the Nazi party during the Second World War. Gómez López delves into his copious documentation of animal carcasses, as well as his personal Dada-inspired collages. Viewers are confronted with photographic documents that serve equally as scientific research objects and visual accounts of mass death. Expanding on the themes raised by this research, Gómez López employs methodologies such as self-experimentation to create an installation based on the externalization of blood circulation—a response to Weigelt’s own creation of images that formulate concepts of life, organisms, and mortality.