Deniz Eroglu
Born Skive (DK), 1981
Nationality DK/TR
'Bronze Baba', 2016, bronze, 21 cm 'Bronze Baba', 2016, bronze, 21 cm

Deniz Eroglu increasingly focuses on the meaning of migration and identity. He addresses these substantial themes by playfully transforming stereotypes, using his own father and his undervalued social status as an important source of inspiration. For example, Eroglu has created the character Super Baba: an immigrant version of Super Mario as owner of a kebab store, that includes a videogame as well as a line of action figures.

Eroglu’s background in film and his interest in the pictorial language of the medium resonate in his working methods.  He creates environments consisting of various individual works that interact in different and often ambiguous ways. He calls these room-sized installations ‘scripted compositions’. 
Here Eroglu plays with thematic substance to create several relations between the works which thereby constitute a  more complex, diverse and enigmatic meaning. The materials used have both art historical and personal references. Through contextualization and transformation, home videos and utilitarian objects referring to Eroglu’s background are elevated to the status of art work. (VV)