Leonardiansyah Allenda
Born Banyuwangi (ID), 1984
Nationality ID



'Monologue', 2016, porcelain 'Monologue', 2016, porcelain

Leonardiansyah Allenda is showing materials and objects which are traded and move around the world. Their meaning and value shifts as a result of the changes in their environment. Similarly, language functions like an abstract container of meaning, subject to fluid translations and interpretations, comparable to merchandise.

Lately Allenda has been focusing on porcelain. This material once came from China to Europe and was bestowed with new social-economic connotations. Besides having a functional use, porcelain is metaphorically linked to the human skin. Both surfaces have pores, are fragile, and circumscribe a form of content. The associations, meanings and values projected onto skin and porcelain transform as the context changes.

In addition to this Allenda works with different types of utensils that are either discarded or put on a pedestal.  The discrepancy between these two situations and the ways viewers encounter and relate to their value and meaning attest the fact that if the context changes, the evaluation and valorization of the objects change as well. (VV)