Tchelet Pearl Weisstub
Born Jerusalem 
Nationality IL/CA/NL
'Analog memory #5', 2016, photogram, 41x24 cm 'Analog memory #5', 2016, photogram, 41x24 cm

If no new matter can come into existence where there was none before, then nothing can pass away into nothing.

Tchelet Weisstub’s objectives are clearly informed by her background in theater. She investigates ways to transform theater props into objects that can function as autonomous installations. Collaborating with Georgi Stamenov, Oded Rimon and the Rijksakademie technical staff they created sculptures that withhold an absent presence. By relating to the history of optic trickery, such as holograms or ectoplasmic photography, they exteriorizes spiritual energy by physical mediums.

The work I don’t believe in death, I just believe in transformation deals with technology overriding human limitation, e.g. loss of memories, and becoming an ephemeral spiritual ground beyond our conception of time and space, as the ability to never forget. It gives rise to questions such as: when does material become a matter? And what social values result from suppressing natural processes of decay?(AM)