RijksakademieLIVE is a series of public events curated by Philippe Pirotte, advisor at the Rijksakademie. A live event - event with a performative character- will take place, followed by a discussion with guests and audience moderated by Philippe Pirotte. Guests in the program are related to the Rijksakademie as alumni, (former) advisors. The event takes place in the Rijksakademie, but can also be followed via live streaming on the website.

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and the Rijksakademie have always been closely affiliated.
As they represent the best of the international art world, many previous residents of the Rijksakademie have exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum, while current residents of the Rijksakademie are involved in the Public Program and many Rijksakademie advisors have been or are involved in the museum’s activities. With the drastic budget cuts in the visual arts sector soon to become a reality, it should not be forgotten that the high quality and international scope of the Dutch art world emerges directly from institutions such as the Rijksakademie. To promulgate these special qualities, the Stedelijk has developed a Public Program with the Rijksakademie, largely featuring the international Rijksakademie community of residents and advisors. The program consists of a book presentation, several artist dialogues, lectures, and debates. All of these activities are listed below: