Aykan Safoğlu
Born Istanbul (TR), 1984

aykanella (at) gmail.com

RijksakademieOPEN 2015
Image 1 / 2   Gülşen goes Hüseyin , 2015, stills from two-channel HD-video, duration 13 min.

Aykan Safoğlu yearns to find forms of friendship. Often within participatory aspects, Safoğlu's artistic practice trespasses upon the realms of various disciplines and is therefore non-medium-specific. Recent outcomes of this artistic research can be investigated through notions of intimacy and inter-subjectivity. This could be better understood by the metaphor of the Apostrophe: "I am talking to 'you,' 'you' are not here, but 'you' are eternally belated to the conversation with 'you' that I am imagining." 
In his presentation for RijksakademieOPEN '15, Safoğlu immersed himself into such a conversation with American artist, Paul Thek. Keeping Thek's admiration of rebirth at the core of his artistic interest, Safoğlu attempts in a two-channel video installation to bring his long dead uncle, Hüseyin, back to life using photographic reproduction techniques. Thek wrote in his teaching notes, "Tell us about someone who inspires you." He thereby becomes Safoğlu's inspiration for the second part of the presentation and both artists thus proceed with aspirations to find an answer to this question through a live drawing class.