CHE Onejoon  
Born Seoul (KR), 1979
'My Utopia', 2018, HD film, 26 min 2 sec
'My Utopia', 2018, HD film, 26 min 2 sec 'My Utopia', 2018, HD film, 26 min 2 sec 'My Utopia', 2018, HD film, 26 min 2 sec

In his research-based practice, CHE Onejoon combines his background in photography with an interest in delicate politics and unusual histories to produce photographs, films, and installations. He is mainly interested in places, footage, and objects that represent the diplomatic ties between the various postcolonial states in Africa and their communist ally North Korea, particularly in the 1970s. This coalition implied international solidarity and reciprocal support, as much as an exchange of knowledge, weapons, and raw materials. Moreover, this anti-imperialist south-south connection created a collective visual language of military symbolism and representations of power. At the same time, these ties also had great repercussions both for world history and the lives of individual citizens.
The most recent film by CHE Onejoon revolves around Monica, the youngest daughter of Francisco Macias Nguema, who was the president of Equatorial Guinea from 1968 to 1979. Near the end of his term, when his office and his family were in danger, he sent Monica to North Korea, where she grew up as the adopted daughter of Kim Il Sun. Fluent in Korean, and less so in her native Spanish, Monica gradually became estranged from her own culture and familiar with the isolated milieu of North Korea. She was also gradually confronted with the murderous acts of her father, and had to comes to terms with his assassination as well.

In this fact-based fictional documentary, CHE uses theatre-related forms and interventions, as well as a supplemental installation, to tell this remarkable story about the construction, separation, and fragmentation of (a unique) identity.