Geo Wyeth
Born New York, NY (US), 1984
Nationality US
'Worlding' from Juice Inferno, 2016, digital still
'Worlding' from Juice Inferno, 2016, digital still

Juice Inferno

Look, across the street

Underneath moss

Crown cuts,

We up late.

You’re just gonna throw that away?

All fifty hands up, no

1 million

Men marching, saying

I’ve had it, and I don’t want to go to work anymore, don’t Want to, no way, no

The gray light in our kitchen saying

Hell is so last season,

You smelled it burnt too, and I believed you,

While reaching for the Juice

Across the table, into collapsing mud huts or phantoms of Starbucks or old laptops.

Your eyes press backwards,

Thumbprints browning your

Lids, you remember your old block — when you were the local Top,

But here, I go walking, clocking in red clothing,

Here, I’m Smoking Hot.

Once, there was this old guy

Singing like

Front yard swimming pools! and

Windows 95! and Signs! and Tapestry roadside

Delivery! and I knew him, before he died,

He gave me his walk.

We up so

Late at night, peeling away through slow mountains, pushing white cartons

Too hard by accident.

How angry, though?

Peeling then


Until the flavor barges in.

You old enough to eat mush.

I got ready too quick and was half

Way out the door before you

Checked your phone and saw the

Shop was already crushed.