The focus of my creative vision converges within the overlapping spheres of visual art, film and documentary. I am drawn to concepts of representation and cultural phenomena often expressed in the habitual and routine situations of the ordinary. My interest in social structures that shape desire, fantasy and escapism accompany my work to the margins of believable fiction and unbelievable factuality.

From working within this charged space, I accept a certain involuntary awareness as the subject of what I perceive and the actor of my perception. Despite or perhaps because of this embedded personal and cultural background, I delve deeper into the context of my environment researching and questioning the relationship I have to it.

In my practice, research and production have corresponding relationships and often occur simultaneously. This correlation allows me to create an open framework for my pieces to develop. A component of my research is made up of integrating myself within a community or space.

I am interested in how we identify with visual representations. Through the use of digital media I can frame recognizable situations and place them in a new context which allows me to zoom in, mirror, double and enlarge a secondary reality. These Images propose ways to relate to the world, how it is presented and what mechanisms and components constitute our perception and understanding of it.