Josefin Arnell
Born Ljusnedal (SE), 1984
Nationality SE

'Running', 2016, still from video loop, 1:56 min loop 'Running', 2016, still from video loop, 1:56 min loop

After suffering a concussion in early 2016 Josefin Arnell took a break from editing her last film Mothership goes to Brazil. She embarked on a very different journey by eating a fossil powder known as diatomaceous earth. She thus created an internal sculpture, not only because of the promised detoxing effect, but also as an act of consuming history, since the substance is supposedly older than dinosaurs.

Arnell’s ongoing research into society’s obsession with physical and mental cleansing rituals reappears in a phenomenological form. She focuses on vomiting in various contexts: the physical reaction to intoxication, bulimia, shame mixed with veiled pride after mastering a gag reflex, the pain felt by participants of a ceremony when vomiting to open up spiritual gateways.

Arnell defines her presentations like a fashion designer shaping a collection: a series of interconnected works functioning within a greater whole. What is the methadology of metabolism contains beautiful nature scenes infused with horror and fear, mocking illusions and fed with cinematographic clichés. (AM)