Juliaan Andeweg
Born Den Haag (NL), 1986
Nationality NL

Juliaan Andeweg () Juliaan Andeweg ()

Juliaan Andeweg’s installations Boreas and Sneaker Wave project an inauspicious atmosphere. Greek mythology and Northern European sagas and myths serve as sources of inspiration. 

In Boreas five ceramic pots sit in a sardonic mist, shooting up flames. They represent the various continents and also symbolize the circular portals to the underworld. They are surrounded by paintings of fashion models in luxury ads portrayed as contemporary Gorgons or Valkyries. The women are accompanied by constantly expanding and decreasing mist, smoke and thunder. The cyclical nature of the spectacle can be retraced to mythology, just like the marsh-like environment with its atmospheric mist.

Next to this Andeweg presents two vertically folded paintings entitled 12 to the Moon and we gotta leave soon…, which echo his painting background.
Ambiguity, transformation cycles and the concurrent existence of various perspectives are central to these recent works. Nature, mythology, the commonplace and alchemy get mixed-up. The continuously changing results coagulate temporarily in a form. (VV)