Mehraneh Atashi
Born Tehran (IR), 1980

Image 1 / 4   'The place where I live', 2014, Installation

The place where I live

numbers and matters are combining
unlimited positions
the question of distance and
material is transformed
elements perform, dwell and the
      rest defined
this is the game of speech
this time points the compass in this

they have stretched each border,
      each moment
the debate is
how to make a universe that doesn’t fall
      apart in two days
where is the best compass point
fermentation becomes a consolation
dough levitates from this point to
      next to the window

my boredom becomes a line to
      rescue me
traces and extinction as methodology
what is the distance in that direction
arbitrary sets with continuous maps
locate the noise in the trembling chair
follow the bread on the floor not
      to wander
change with the space
there is a floor with a glass walnut inside

light is bending
their return calling.