Mercedes Azpilicueta
Born La Plata (AR), 1981
Nationality AR/IT/NL
'Molecular Love', 2016, live work
'Molecular Love', 2016, live work

In her practice Mercedes Azpilicueta utilizes her voice  and body as affective media. Recently she has introduced dance, movement and choreography in her live works.  Various bodies interact within a space to constitute and convey emotion and meaning.

Azpilicueta opts for an increasingly loose methodology to allow for contingency and make room for improvisation, association and more playfulness. The starting point of her investigation is sensing and understanding the other through non-rational relations. Central to it are the female body, its relationship with other bodies, reproduction and bacteria. The ambiguity of an unrestrained personal and collective subjectivity facilitates experimentation with body and sound, as well as the affective qualities of language and movement.

This premise also underlies Azpilicueta’s two-dimensional work. The viewer is free to attribute meaning, movement and emotion from these elaborate choreographies resembling diagrams, forms, images and code. (VV)