Robbert Weide
Born Amsterdam (NL)
Nationality NL
Robbert Weide ()

Through his objects Robbert Weide creates situations in which something is about to happen. His installations are preludes to a sensation – the viewer is waiting for a conclusion or solution, but it fails to happen. Part of the installation he is presenting during RijksakademieOPEN 2016 is a fountain made of Styrofoam, that doesn’t spray water. As such, Weide’s works are mental constructions for visitors to complete.

Weide looks for ways to present a finalized work with an unfinished character. He derives most pleasure from the production process, that gives rise to unexpected turns or thoughts. For him, this creates freedom. Consequently the end result often deviates from his initial plan. The visibility of the production process stresses the suspense of the lacking denouement. (JS)