Wu Chi-Yu
Born Taipei (TW), 1986
Nationality TW


RijksakademieOPEN 2015
Image 1 / 4   'Refraction', 2015, HD stereo, 9.46 min.

The title of the video installation Refraction refers to the fracturing of light which transforms an image, like a community making its own version of the Bible, or a map that is adjusted when new islands are built.

Wu Chi-Yu often collects stories about living environments and land use. He doesn’t produce truthful documentaries about these locations, but reworks, re-interprets and combines stories and images. He has now animated scenes in order to depict fictional elements. The documentary material includes 17th-century maritime maps that reveal that the Dutch were the first to chart the maritime region of Asia. In drawings Wu documents the current situation: nations build artificial islands in order to expand their territory or claim neighboring islands.