The library is open to the public. The collection follows national and international developments in art; the resident artists make suggestions for the acquisition of new books and journals.

The library contains books, periodicals and audiovisual material on such subjects as art history, art criticism, art theory, artists’ writings, painting and sculpture, graphic art, performance, photography, video art and architecture. It also has smaller basic collections on language and literature, social sciences and natural sciences. The library collection comprises approximately 38,000 volumes, 75 magazine and periodical subscriptions and some 1600 video tapes, DVDs and CD-ROMs. The library has areas to do research, read or study.

The library has an open structure, divided into two stories. A large reading table and wireless internet are available. Books and catalogues are lent out for a period of three weeks. Publications from the depot (approximately 1740 to 1940) and older volumes of periodicals can be consulted upon request. The library has photocopiers and scanners and equipment for viewing videos, DVDs and CD-ROMs.

Visitors can easily find what they are looking for in the online catalogue. The library of the Rijksakademie is affiliated to the Cooperating Libraries Adamnet.
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