publication date 9-5-2018

Call for applications Masterclass Art Mediation RijksakademieOPEN 2018

The Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten in Amsterdam is searching for candidates for the sixth edition of the Art Mediation Masterclass that this year will be offered in English.

Art Mediation is an active form of mediation between work of art and audience, an approach that revolves around an open dialogue with the audience instead of passing down information.               

Art mediators 'mediate' between the work of art and the viewer. They are very knowledgeable about art and communicating knowledge, and are able to use the best techniques to deepen the visitor’s experience.

Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten
The Rijksakademie focuses on developing talent in the visual arts. It selects and facilitates top talents and in its two-year residency program offers some 50 international artists a platform for further development and enrichment of their work.
The RijksakademieOPEN (22-25 November 2018) is held annually: all studios, project spaces and technical workshops are accessible to the public. Visitors can view works for the first time, which are later presented internationally in leading collections, exhibitions and biennales.

Art Mediation Masterclass
After five successful previous editions, the Rijksakademie is organizing another Art Mediation Masterclass. The class devotes attention to a range of art mediation techniques as well as the actual artist practice and the Rijksakademie’s operating method. The masterclass covers eight full days in which participants acquire innovative art mediation techniques, practise these techniques with each other, and formulate their own activities with the public. Knowledge exchange and enrichment are an important element of the masterclass.
What makes this masterclass so special is the personal interaction with the artists. The art mediators develop their knowledge and methods in part by entering into a dialogue with the makers.
If the masterclass is completed successfully, the participant will be invited to engage in the developed activities for the public during the RijksakademieOPEN 2018 weekend. A fee is available for performing these activities (€ 25 excluding VAT per activity).

We offer:
• A comprehensive program with contributions from experts in the field of art mediation and public guidance, with extensive teaching and training in a range of theories and techniques
• Personal coaching in your development as an art mediator
• Enrichment in talent development and artist practice, among other things by Martijntje Hallmann (head of Rijksakademie Residency) and the technical experts of the Rijksakademie
• An exclusive ‘look behind the screens’ at the Rijksakademie: you will visit the Rijksakademie in the phase prior to RijksakademieOPEN and study the work of the resident artists. You will meet the artists and learn how the Rijksakademie operates
• You will develop activities for the public
Special RijksakademieOPEN preview
• Access to an international network of contemporary art professionals
• If the masterclass is completed successfully, you will put the knowledge acquired into practice for the public at RijksakademieOPEN
• A fee for each guided tour/public activity (€25 excluding VAT per activity)

Please note: The Art Mediation Masterclass is offered in English this year! Guided tours can be held in English or Dutch.

We are searching for enthusiastic and ambitious beginning art mediators who:
• Have some experience with guided tours or the implementation of activities for the public
• Are familiar with contemporary art and interested in the practice of contemporary artists
• Have good communication skills (Dutch/English)
• Are available from 22 through 25 November (RijksakademieOPEN) and 8 days in October and November (dates to be determined).

The fee for participation in the Art Mediation Masterclass (including all lectures and workshops, lunch and coffee, membership of the Rijksakademie library and two tickets for RijksakademieOPEN) is €500 to be paid before the masterclass starts.

If you are interested, please send your short motivation letter and resumé to Virág Szentkirályi before 24 August. The maximum number of participants in the masterclass is 8. The selection procedure may include a personal interview.