publication date 31-5-2016

Raad voor Cultuur (Culture Council)

The Raad voor Cultuur (Culture Council), in its advice for the upcoming arts plan period, has again brought the government subsidy for the Rijksakademie entirely within the framework of the basic infrastructure. The policy has been positively received and the Council recognizes the significance and quality of the Rijksakademie both nationally and internationally, as well as its great value for the development of artistic talent.

There are, however, two areas of focus. The Council feels that the Rijksakademie relies heavily on its tradition and reputation. In this context, the Council has expressed its fear that innovation and profiling might receive insufficient attention. The Rijksakademie, however, holds the view that it is precisely "the rich history and great reputation, proven quality and impact on artists and artistry" that provide the opportunity to work on both innovation and our position as an institution. This is partly reflected in the developments and innovations in the technical infrastructure as well as the new cooperation projects with (inter) national partners. Because of our focus on the individual guidance of the artist, the objective and operation of the institute might not always be clear. All the more reason to communicate better about it.

The second issue concerns the call for further cooperation with De Ateliers. After having worked on this initiative in the last cultural plan period in a constructive and committed manner, the Rijksakademie will re-assess what the possibilities are with De Ateliers.
We are in contact with both the Council and the Ministry on both issues, in part because the Council might see these as reasons to grant the Rijksakademie less subsidy than in the past four years.