publication date 16-3-2017

Symposium Resonating Spaces

[Resonating Spaces] The value of residences & workspaces in Belgium & the Netherlands
Thursday 16 March, 10.00 - 16.00 hrs. at LUCA School of Arts – Campus Sint-Lukas, Brussels

Rijksakademie is participating in [Resonating Spaces], a symposium to inform artists, master students and alumni of art schools, teachers in higher arts education, professionals from the art world and policy makers, about the opportunities workspaces and artist-in-residence programs have to offer. [Resonating Spaces] wants to put artists' residencies and workspaces in the spotlight. Residencies and workspaces exist separately, and sometimes they are woven into one same organisation. Both residences and workplaces play a clear and important role in the art scene and provide space and opportunity to (young) artists to develop their practice.

The aim of the day is to discuss the role and significance of artist residencies and workspaces, primarily in Belgium and the Netherlands. Both for beginners and experienced artists in their careers. The importance of residencies and workspaces will be discussed from different perspectives through keynotes and testimonials. Attention will be given to the experiences of the artist and the residency/workspace, but also to the broader context in which residencies and workplaces function. In addition, participants can also meet with a number of residencies and workspaces in Flanders and the Netherlands.

[Resonating Spaces] is organised by Creative Industries Fund in the Netherlands, Flanders Arts Institute, Frans Masereel Centrum and LUCA School of Arts in collaboration with AIR Antwerp and Platform Werkplaatsen.

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