publication date 21-12-2016

Avro's Kunstuur on the Prix de Rome

Sunday, December 18, the TV program Avro's Kunstuur devoted an entire episode to the Prix de Rome.

The theme of the program was Rome - the city where the Prix de Rome winners traveled to until the eighties of the last century. In 2013, the Mondriaan Fund reintroduced the trip to Rome as an integral part of the prize.  
AVRO filmed various works from the collections of the Rijksakademie, including plaster sculptures by Prix de Rome winners in Sculpture and drawings by Jan Sluyters. Special attention was paid to the lodge door, behind which the Prix de Rome artists used to work on their submissions in isolation, and whose meals were served through a hatch in the door.
From 1870 to 2012, the Prix de Rome was organized by the Rijksakademie. As of January 1, 2013, upon the request of the then State Secretary for Culture, the organization of the Prix de Rome was transferred to the Mondriaan Fund.
Watch a replay of the broadcast here. (in Dutch)