publication date 4-5-2018

The European International

The European International – Can we create solidarity through art?

The exhibition The European International will officially open on Thursday May 31st at 20.30 hours in the Rijksakademie and is open to the public from June 1st until June 3rd from 12.00 to 18.00.

Contributing artists are: Ana María Gómez López (CO/US) & Milena Bonilla (CO), Anna Dasović (NL), Bert Scholten (NL), Christopher Mahon (IE), Femke Herregraven (NL), Florence Jung (FR), Joscha Steffens (DE), Omar Imam (SY), Onejoon Che (KR), Remco Torenbosch (NL) and Riley Harmon (US).

Today, we witness a structural crisis of global institutions. The state, the European Union and other existing international alliances don’t seem to work for cross-border solidarity, trust or cooperation, but are instead linked to violence at borders, peripheral wars and the emergence of new walls and conflicts. Can we create international solidarity through art?

The European International project, curated by Vasyl Cherepanyn, explores through visual art the potential of the Political International that emerged in Europe. We are looking into how we can create and sustain freedom and safety where the state and international cooperations fall short and what new and just solidarity could look like. Can art create a blueprint for sustainable international cooperation?

Vasyl Cherepanyn is winner of the ECF Princess Margriet Award for Culture and director of the award-winning Visual Culture Research Center in Kyiv. Despite all risks, the cultural center addresses important political questions such as the position of former Soviet countries in the EU, the alarming situation with the rise of far-right in Europe, and the Russian-Ukrainian war conflict.

On Sunday June 3rd (at 13.00 at the Rijksakademie) Vasyl Cherepanyn and the contributing artists will speak about the exhibition  during Europe vs. Europe.

This programme is made in cooperation with Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten. The opening, exhibition and talk are freely accessible.

This programme is a part of the second edition of the Forum on European Culture: “Act for Democracy!”. At a time when the future of Europe is more uncertain than ever before, we bring together leading and inspiring artists, thinkers, economists and politicians during a 4-day interdisciplinary programme to discuss Europe and its future.

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