publication date 1-3-2017

Where art meets management

Today - March 1st -  guest resident Jacco van Uden (lector Change Management) and Mercedes Azpilicueta (alumna 15/16) start a very exciting project. The coming month they will take over each other’s work and everything that comes with it. While Mercedes and Jacco have their own distinct motives for swapping jobs for a full month there is a shared, deep interest in exploring differences and similarities between artistic and management practices. Can and should these practices inform each other? And if so, how? With The take-over Mercedes and Jacco aim to contribute to the development of, and critical reflection on cross-disciplinary – and some might say – transgressive practices. During The Take-over, Mercedes assumes full responsibility over Jacco’s job as head of the Change Management research group of The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS). Jacco takes over Mercedes’ artistic practice and everything that comes with it. Decisions, meetings, strategies and so on will not be postponed needlessly.
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