More than 1000 alumni currently form the Rijksakademie community. They are part of the worldwide art circuit and are a network with great reach.

The RAIN Artists’ Initiatives Network is a global platform interconnecting artists’ initiatives that have been set up by alumni in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

The Rijksakademie attaches a great deal of importance to continuing dialogue that was started during residency. Via the website, social media and newsletters information is shared about exhibitions, commissions, publications and other activities of the alumni. Former residents are invited to talk about their professional practice during talks and seminars at the Rijksakademie. Alumni can also ask for advice from technical specialists or work in the workplaces (only after contacting one of the technical coordinators).

Alphabetical list of Alumni
Name Date of birth Nat. Work period on RABK
Xenofontos, Marina 1-1-18 till 31-12-19
Xin, Shen 1-1-18 till 31-12-19
Xuan, Kan 1972 CN 1-1-02 till 31-12-03