Sound and image
The ‘Mediaship’ is located in the attic of the Rijksakademie and is where artists and specialists work with photography, video, audio and electronics. The Graphics workshop also falls under this category.
There are various facilities in the field of photography, 16-mm film, video and audio, including a daylight and artificial light studio for video and photography, darkrooms, video-editing rooms, a sound studio and digital scanners and printers. There is a lending service for resident artists with equipment such as beamers, video cameras, photo cameras and microphones.

Technical advisor audiovisual on developments in photography: “The development of digital photography has brought on a large change. We started with very simple digital printers, which made prints that quickly faded. But these days digital prints can be much better conserved than traditional photography.” Read more

Over the past few decades, the use of video went through many developments. It has become easier to edit your own digital videos. Now there is a movement towards more depth, more professional and more complex work. Read more

The studio is used for recording voices such as voice-overs and editing location recordings. Read more

In the electronics workshop, technical interface development hardware and software is developed to make interactive installations and electromechanical objects. Read more

Resident artists can make use of traditional and new techniques. It is about choosing the technique which is the most appropriate for contemporary work. Read more
Paulien Oltheten (RA 04/05), mediaship Paulien Oltheten (RA 04/05), mediaship Miklos Gaál (RA 08/09), Artist's lightstudio Miklos Gaál (RA 08/09), Artist's lightstudio Edward Clydesdale Thomson (RA 11/12), graphic workshop Edward Clydesdale Thomson (RA 11/12), graphic workshop