The wood and metal workshops are fully-equipped and have a wide range of machinery such as saws, welding apparatus, lathes and milling machines, and equipment for sheet metal work. Apparatus and equipment is also developed here for the residents’ projects. The workshops collaborate closely with the electronics/technical interface development workshop. In recent years this has resulted in diverse technically-complex projects.
The wood workshop is equipped with all the heavy machinery necessary needed for the countless techniques of woodworking.  There are assembly tables, power machines, (electric) hand tools, and air pressure tools.  Additionally there are tools available for cutting glass and plastic. Read more

Within the department it’s possible to work with pottery, stoneware and porcelain. Furthermore, there’s a plaster studio. Read more
The metal department includes a complete mechanical and engineering workshop, where the emphasis lies on experimentation and related research. Most important is the development and construction of sculptures, installations and associated components. Read more
Feiko Beckers (RA 10/11), wood workshop Feiko Beckers (RA 10/11), wood workshop Leonid Tsvetkov (RA 09/10), metal workshop Leonid Tsvetkov (RA 09/10), metal workshop