The wood workshop is equipped with power machines for all techniques that occur in woodworking. There are mounting tables, (electric) hand tools and air pressure tools. There are also opportunities for cutting glass and plastic cutting. With the arrival of digital media, many artists are not familiar with traditional techniques. That’s why residents get every year an introduction to show the possibilities.

Still, there are every year residents interested in the craft of woodworking. For instance Femmy Otten (RA 11/12) who works very carefully on her faces of wood, now with a tiny cutter, but she is also interested in a technique like gouging. Many artists use the wood workshop for presentation purposes of their work, including making frames, walls and statues. For the annual RijksakademieOPEN the wood workshop is working overtime.

Residents who frequently work in the wood workshop can independently deal with most machines, but security is important. When Derk Thijs for the open studios wanted to build a wooden temple, not only a small chainsaw was purchased, but also necessary safety clothing.