In her work Anna Dasović focuses on how visual traces, objects, documents or stories are used to frame people and their histories. Working through notions like conflict and trauma in contemporary memory culture she is interested in the phenomenology of images rather than their historical reality. Sprung from the idea that images are unable to correctly exhibit their subject but only imply the connection they have to language, Anna looks at the conditions under which images are produced, activated and circulated in different contexts and moments in time. 

By disclosing the underlying mechanisms that are at work when we are looking at the symbolic, political or social representation of people, visual traces become a violent irruption of the past in the present. These traces are than transfigured and questioned in and outside of the work, exposing the frame itself as part of the production of violence, rather than merely its representation. 
Anna works without any fixed medium, rather most of her works finally materialize out of a long term engagement with existing materials that emerge in a constellation of photographic installations, video montages, text-based works and/or lectures.