Astrid Nobel
Born Hollum (NL), 1983

'The ground from under my feet' (detail), 2018 'The ground from under my feet' (detail), 2018

Astrid Nobel’s work is about that what lies between stark contrasts: in the twilight between control and instability, between natural cycles and clock time, between before and after. The set of works titled The ground from under my feet originates from personal experiences involving a specific plot of land, in which elements of local history, such as the key of a sunken village, are also used. The basic material is nourishment sand, used on shorelines to combat the natural erosion of beaches. In Nobel’s native village in the Wadden archipelago, extensive measures took place to prepare for the effects of climate change; that is when she realised that human beings develop deep connections to certain places, but also that these connections are put under pressure when fundamental changes take place, and the soil underneath our feet proves unstable. After extensive material research, she tried to gain control over the sand by binding it with rust, grinding it to pigments, and have it run on the cycles of the universe.