Ceel Mogami de Haas
Born Selebi Phikwe (BW), 1982

'Hollow and Stuffed' (working title), 2017, video animation, loop 'Hollow and Stuffed' (working title), 2017, video animation, loop 'K', 2016, 3D video animation, loop 'K', 2016, 3D video animation, loop

Dear Ceel,

You once mentioned that titles were like omelets, that there is no such thing as a pretty good one. Previously you had quoted Von Hofmannstahl, sharing a desire to “[think] in a medium more immediate, more liquid, more glowing than words”, which triggers me to jump hastily to conclusion (as space is limited and time is almost up) regarding the detour to art. Your computer-generated imagery (CGI), which resembles a drone investigating the surface of a still life with a book, are almost ironic in their presentation of an intellectual’s working desk. There could be a pillbox, a wedge of melon or a dumbbell. Meaning remains unattainable through reading or watching and the more you try to demystify, the more you mystify it as Klossowski suggested. Recently you have animated a dialogue amongst various pens, from the favorite BIC-color ballpoint to a digital pen. It remains unclear who the speaker is, or if the speaker is the writer, or if they are one and the same. So while the discourse of intertextuality remains elusive and keeps signification at bay, what remains indispensable is the desire to continue the dialogue, otherwise, as we have seen, there are monsters that will rise from the will to dominate meaning.