Christopher Mahon
Born Dublin (IE), 1988
'Carrara pillows, Cave di Frantiscritti, Carrara, Italy', 2018 'Carrara pillows, Cave di Frantiscritti, Carrara, Italy', 2018

Christopher Mahon creates new and ambiguous environments when subtly invading an interior by placing his own work within. It is a synchronized choreography of objects that instigates a déjà-vu-like feeling, suggests a memory and evokes a story. Mahon’s pieces are gestures, hidden within a setting, that gently modify the original space and obscurely manipulate the interactions between the objects and the viewer.
These objects extend beyond aspects such as form, dimension, and material boundaries. They lay bare the history of sculpture and production processes. Indeed, an object’s specific manifestation can only be fully grasped when the history of its production and material, its altered perceptions, and related social behaviors are taken in account. Mahon draws inspiration from his own encounters with these histories – enhanced by layers of the everyday and the singular, the romantic and the rational, the arbitrary and the rigorous, the public and the private.