Elleke Hageman
Born Nijmegen (NL), 1987

Untitled, 2018, calcite, glass, brass, 30x16x16 cm
Untitled, 2018, calcite, glass, brass, 30x16x16 cm

Elleke Hageman makes what she calls ‘natural artefacts’ – biomorphic structures and assemblages that inhabit a realm between the natural and the constructed. Referencing the interdependency of species and notions of the marvelleous – whilst influenced by her strong personal views on environmentalism – Hageman uses mixed media techniques to create sculptures and collages that explore the subjective separation of nature from anthropogenic systems and critique humanity’s often exploitative relationship to the ecological.
Her current explorations reference some of nature’s most fragile and precious ecosystems. Introducing them within the context of art, she opens up a juxtaposing narrative between ‘inherent’ preciousness and the often subjective societal systems of value creation. Her mixed media works embrace bold, rich colors and materials that speak to the vigor and vivacity of nature, their often free and curving forms retaining a sense of organic fragility intuitively expressed through formal and material qualities. Hageman’s compositions ultimately create deep tensions that speak to society’s subjugation of the natural, as well as the potential for future symbiotic co-existence.