Gareth Nyandoro
Born Bikita, Masvingo (ZW), 1982

Image 1 / 3   'Kuzviitira', 2015, mixed media (kuchekacheka), 260 x 180 cm

The market is a universal, though temporary, arena where goods are displayed,  arranged careful, but not according to some conscious design. Gareth Nyandoro sees art in this everyday display. He evokes it by creating a new language, making us look afresh at well-known popular imagery. His method for doing so could be described as an analog version of Photoshop. He zooms in on details – a shoe, a shirt – and plays around with perspective and scale; some areas distorted as if pixelated.

Nyandoro employs idiosyncratic variations on traditional craft and printmaking techniques to produce large works on paper. His latest efforts incorporate posters found on the streets of Harare that function as markers of a collective mindset.