Hannah Dawn Henderson

Hannah Dawn Henderson (1991 | UK) seeks to instigate a tender, tilted territory in which to meditate upon instances whereby the body and its voice -- as much in the linguistic sense as within a broader political framework -- encounter limitations and are rendered vulnerable to structures and conditions beyond itself.

Adopting a visual vocabulary that collages literary narration with (choreo)graphic methods of image handling, Henderson’s current body of work questions the subversive, liberating potential of illegibility — a liminality that sees fixed and dichotomous identity taxonomies interrogated and dissolved. This research departs from an investigation into depictions of the diasporic creole subject in Western European art traditions, and materialises as written correspondence, video compositions, and drawings.

Visual syncopation, a meditative rhythm, image and word as a returning breath that unfurls with underlying tension — these techniques draws upon the materiality of diasporic, migratory experience and the lyrical qualities of both loss and re-orientation that reverberates throughout such heritage. 

Henderson has participated in exhibitions at venues such as Ambika P3 (UK), Archiraar Gallery (BE), Greylight Projects (BE) and the Wilberforce Institute (Hull, UK), as well as festivals such as Moves: International Festival of Movement on Screen (UK) and the International Film Festival Rotterdam.