Anderu Immaculate Mali (Immy)
Born Nsambya (UG), 1990
'Marcue’s Photo Album', 2018, video still 'Marcue’s Photo Album', 2018, video still

Sounds of Memory
Immy Mali revives and reconstructs memory through photographs and letters to her younger self. She translates these recollections and narratives into various media that together constitute sound, video, performances and installations in which she revisits the playgrounds, rhymes, songs, and objects of her childhood. Her trips down memory lane allow her to investigate and question the perception and accuracy of her memories – and the fictions contained therein. She portrays childhood photographs through different methods of mediation to expand our perceptive, cognitive, and imaginative capacities.
An important reference point is a dreadful accident that greatly affected Mali’s ability to play with other children, which meant she was a spectator during most games. As a representation of this mishap she has created an enlarged sculpture of her splint, which she describes as encompassing play, pain, and protection during her childhood. Short animated video clips of playful interactions are displayed; homemade dolls and other related objects are placed around the sculpture, as well as in the studio space itself, which contains multiple elements that physically refer to a playground. The environment is complemented with blended sonic bits of remembered information and events that might have occurred, or were sometimes experienced through someone else. Together they merge and form an installation that aims to question the process of memory retrieval – both for herself and the visitor.