To be associated to an international top-level institute and its artists provides many opportunities. Your organisation can profile itself as being socially engaged, having an eye for innovation, creativity and for the development of talent at a high level.
The Rijksakademie offers its corporate supporters a high degree of hospitality, ranging from tailor-made programmes and receptions, artists’ presentations in your company or a tour behind the scenes in one of the technical laboratories. What is of key importance for the Rijksakademie is to connect with mutual objectives, creating a solid basis for a productive collaboration. We would be happy to arrange a personal introduction to discuss the possibilities. Please send us an e-mail or call +31 (0)20 527 0322.

You can become associated with the Rijksakademie with a contribution starting at € 5,000 annually. Please find examples of sponsorship possibilities on this page.

Corporate Membership
You can become a Corporate Member with a contribution starting at € 5,000 annually. Your name will be mentioned on our website and publicity materials and you are invited for the VIP Preview of the RijksakademieOPEN. This offers you a first look at the artists’ presentations and the possibility to meet a diverse network of people from the business world, politics, art and science. The Corporate Membership can be expanded and include activities specifically tailored for you and your business relations. The amount of your contribution will be set accordingly.

Through a Fellowship you contribute to the development and international breakthrough of emerging talent. A Fellowship offers various meeting and presentation opportunities. Throughout the year the artist acts as your host or hostess and, in consultation, can give a presentation in your company. The Fellowship can also be presented as an award during a reception or exhibition.

Partnership RijksakademieOPEN
RijksakademieOPEN attracts some 6,000 visitors annually. The event generates a great deal of attention from the press, the international art world and a broad interested public. In addition to publicity, a partnership offers opportunities for specifically tailored activities, such as guided tours by artists or advisors, or reduced admission fees for the public weekend.

Workshop adoption
You can connect with our top-of-the-bill technical facilities and expertise and enter into the world of research, experimentation, and craftsmanship. There are interfaces in the fields of materials, techniques and the development of new applications. Collaborations can focus on the exchange of expertise and know-how, special projects and workshops or presentations by technical experts who are involved with creating the technically challenging works that artists may propose. It is also possible to support with in-kind donations.

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Marc Oosting, winner KPN Kunstprix 2010 Marc Oosting, winner KPN Kunstprix 2010 Lala Rascic, wood workshop Lala Rascic, wood workshop