Named Fund
With a Named Fund you can enter into an association with the Rijksakademie for life, and beyond. As the founder you decide on the name and purpose of the fund, matching the objectives of the Rijksakademie. By building up the fund during your life, your tax advantage can increase by up to 52%. The Trust Fund manages the assets, takes care of the paperwork and provides reports on the expenditure.

Fiscal advantages
A Named Fund can be established during one’s lifetime by way of a legal deed as well as by will. A Named Fund consisting of periodically made donations is fiscally the most interesting, as your donation will then be fully tax-deductable.

If you are interested in establishing a Named Fund, we are looking forward to discussing the options, please e-mail or call +31 (0)20 527 0322.

Bequest – Testamentary Disposition or Legacy
In addition to next-of-kin you may also include charitable causes in your will. The Rijksakademie with its ANBI status is one of those charities. Through a testamentary disposition the Rijksakademie receives a certain part or percentage of your estate. With a legacy you describe the gift you would like to bequeathe to the Rijksakademie. This can be either a previously-determined sum or percentage, or moveable and immovable assets. Legacies can be adapted or cancelled during one’s lifetime.

The Rijksakademie Trust Fund and the Rijksakademie van beeldende kunsten are both considered Dutch "Institutions for Public Benefit” (ANBI) and are therefore exempt from capital transfer tax and inheritance tax. The art of the future will benefit 100% from your donation.

Establishing a Named Fund through a bequest is complex. We would be happy to discuss the possibilities. Please send us an e-mail or call +31 (0)20 527 0322.