Rijksakademie Pioneers
Rijksakademie Pioneers is a vibrant network of young and inquisitive professionals with an interest in new developments and experimentation in the arts. Pioneers and resident artists form a 'smart community' with the Rijksakademie at its centre.

Pioneers Program
The Pioneers program offers the unique opportunity to peek in the artists’ laboratory and to witness and participate in experiments and try-outs initiated by the resident artists. Pioneers support the Rijksakademie with a donation of € 500 gross per person. *


For questions and further information, please contact pioneers@rijksakademie.nl or telephone +31 20 5270312.

"Rijksakademie is an exceptional institute where talented artists forge important relationships and are provided with the time and means to reach their full potential. It's a unique and open environment where artists deepen and accelerate their work. Often when I'm traveling abroad I meet artists I admire and discover they too have taken part in the residency program. I am a firm believer that art has great importance to society and to how a country profiles itself and therefore it is with great pleasure that I support the Rijksakademie." - Maurice van Valen, Rijksakademie Pioneer, collector and partner at Law firm Holland van Gijzen


* The Dutch donation law (Geefwet) allows charitable gifts to cultural ANBI’s to be increased by 25% for the purpose of tax declaration. This applies to a maximum of € 5,000 in donations per year and runs from 2013 until 2018.