RijksakademieLIVE #4 presented 'Play: performance and the un-artist' and took place on Wednesday November 23, 2011

RijksakademieLIVE #4 focused on performance, this year’s emphasis during RijksakademieOPEN. Discussion and performances featuring at the 4th issue of RijksakademieLIVE evolve a.o. around the ideas of direct actions, re-enactment and dance.

The evening started with a re-invention of Allan Kaprow’s environment Words, in the form of a fictional conversation between a contemporary painter and the phantom of American artist Allan Kaprow, performed by former Rijksakademie residents Mark Boulos and Steve Van den Bosch. They talked about painting, the relationship between art & life, and the re-invention of ephemeral art forms such as environments and happenings.

Philippe Pirotte then conducted a conversation with Stephanie Rosenthal (Curator Hayward Gallery, London) who co-curated the retrospective 'Allan Kaprow - Art As Life' in 2007. At the Hayward Gallery, she was also the curator of 'Move: Choreographing You' and she prepares an exhibition on Chinese performance art next year.

Former Rijksakademie resident Jimmy Robert joined the conversation to talk about the appropriation of structures of other artists, choreographers or writers in his performance and other work. The evening concluded by an invitation to the public to participate in Physique of Consciousness, a cultural fitness, proposed by Shanghai-based MadeIn Company.


RijksakademieLIVE is a series of public events curated by Philippe Pirotte, advisor at the Rijksakademie, director Kunsthalle Bern. A live event - event with a performative character- will take place, followed by a discussion with guests and audience moderated by Philippe Pirotte. Guests in the program are related to the Rijksakademie as alumni, (former) advisors. The event takes place in the Rijksakademie, but can also be followed via live streaming on the website.