Adrian Melis
Born Havana (CU), 1985
Nationality CU/ES

'The "New Man" and my Father', 2015, video, color, stereo, 6 min 'The "New Man" and my Father', 2015, video, color, stereo, 6 min

Adrian Melis doesn’t need to change the world. He doesn’t consider himself a political artist, but he is socially committed. That’s why he focuses on political subjects such as the revolution in his native Cuba.

During RijksakademieOPEN 2015, Melis will present a filmed interview with his father, a staunch revolutionary. The questions and answers are silent. The artist asked his father to answer only in his mind. ‘Would Melis senior trade in his principles for material wealth?’ The expression on his father’s face speaks volumes. The interview was recorded in Melis’s parental home without any form of staging. The sounds of animals around the house are authentic, as is the interior. Behind his father hangs a calendar with a picture of Cuban leader Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez, the deceased president of Venezuela.

Another installation consists of neatly shelved, cigar-box inspired containers that contain the dreams Cuban workers have during their shifts. At work there is nothing to do. That’s why they fall asleep.