Agnieszka Polska
Born Lublin (PL), 1985
Nationality PL
Beeld 1 / 3   'In the Search of the Talking Mountain', 2015, lambda print, 60 x 90 cm

In her most recent films and digital collages, Agnieszka Polska uses technological tools to address the role of human language in this post-human reality. In her hallucinatory, poetic animations and video installations spoken words are presented as material objects that seem more persistent and lasting than the speaker. The notion of materialization of language, which at the same time is code and physical sound wave, is addressed using various supernatural protagonists: a disembodied, animated mouth, half-submerged in water, or a talking mountain, creating worlds by describing them.

In her presentation for RijksakademieOPEN 2015, Polska takes the next step in freeing language from the human body. The video and sound installation Bearer of Bad News features an entirely disembodied voice and a shadow moving in space – the elusive vestiges of the actor’s presence. The invisible, gloomy messenger’s deep sadness is basically the programmed emotion of a machine.