Carlos Irijalba
Born Pamplona (ES), 1979
Nationality ES
RijksakademieOPEN 2014
Beeld 1 / 3  

Carlos Irijalba researches the geographical, historical and political layers of a certain territory. In his earlier interventions, photos and videos Irijalba deals with the idea of spectacle or human dimension through geology, light and materials such as asphalt, salt and metals. The social-political scenario of the Cantabrian coast with its prehistoric caves constitutes the starting point for Irijalba’s latest work.
In 1985, UNESCO declared the caves a world heritage site and closed them to the public. The national government then had exact copies made to display as a museum. Irijalba has worked with the companies that were responsible for 3D scanning the caves in the 1990s. The scans show the skin and texture of the caves and, although made with what was then cutting-edge technology, now look almost archaic. Triggered by these 3D scans Irijalba created videos and sculptures questioning society’s transition from maker to spectator through the notion of the replica.