Catherine Biocca () Catherine Biocca ()
In her work Catherine Biocca layers cartoon imagery, science fiction and human
brutality throughout culture/history using a parodistic and low-fi format.
Her direct visual language often in combination with audio elements stretches
reaching the moment of recognition to absurd lengths questioning why we accept
violence as a form of entertainment and how Schadenfreude is generated. This
grotesque synthesis and imitation brings on a frustrated substance, wich is shifted
up to a very essential and logical state of existence, eventhough it results funny on the surface. She triggers the viewer to think about this relation and confronts him with his own evoked Schadenfreude.
Using an unprocessed and raw form to question a rather violent yet tremendous
entertaining side of life, she understands art as something engaging and brutally
leaned back at first glance, which on another level reveals its ordinary emptiness
and nonsense as real sense.
'Requiem' (videostill), 2013, Video, 1'58" 'Requiem' (videostill), 2013, Video, 1'58"