Christine Moldrickx
Born Münster (DE), 1984
Nationality DE
Christine Moldrickx ()
Daringly hesitant, the figure stands poised on a stool. Bent over double, hands and feet touch the seat to complete a union with the thin fundament. The posture evokes/connotes/indicates what the glass *(what glass?) (the material it’s made from) expresses/denotes/implements. Body and object, figure and pedestal meld together. Water fills the hollow form to the level up till the point where the body and chair meet/where the feet meet the stool (hands dipping into the water), breaking/cancelling the proposed synthesis. level of uncertainty The instability of the vessel’s contents (which will continuously perform the water cycle) creates a precarious threshold, made more haphazard/exacerbated by the figure on the edge or: The volatility of the water not only signifies an uncertain footing, the posture itself is in (a moment of) transition – (a movement) suspended in matter. Awkward/clumsy and yet committed (concentrating), the raised figure strains to be lower (trying to retract from its elevation). What preceded this stance and what will follow? Possibilities of past and future branch out into myriad potential movements and choices. The paused continuity of movements/This moment in transition/broken continuity enables an either-or, a this-or-that of contrary movements and possibilities in space. Tension, exertion, anxiety, vacillation/hesitation proffer from almost unnoticeable/barely visible micro movements. Whilst the water methodically moves through its perpetual states/phases, fine drops of sweat bead in the hollow of the body from feet to head/head to toe/head to feet. (AS and CM)